Jewish Association of Spiritual Healers


The Jewish Association of Spiritual Healers (JASH) was founded in 1966 when there was
far less public awareness of Spiritual Healing than there is at present

The original motivation for the foundation of JASH was to enable Jewish patients, who only
feel comfortable with Jewish healers, to find each other, although there is absolutely no limitation as
to who shall receive healing or from whom.

The foundation of JASH also gave Jewish healers the opportunity to relate to others
world wide, and there is now an international membership of Jewish healers. However we share
a non-denominational policy, along with many other organisations, to accept all who require healing
when they contact us.

Today JASH has acquired further significance, As there are now a large number of healing
organisations, many with a religious base, it is important that Judaism is seen to be as active
as others in this field. Co-religionists understand that Spiritual Healing is very much part of Jewish
history. See 11 Kings 5, the story of Elisha and Naaman, which is acceptable under Jewish law.

The existence of the Jewish Association of Spiritual Healers gives Jewish healers recognition
and a voice in the world of healing, especially as we are one of the founder members of the British Alliance of Healing Associations  and UK Healers.